The Royal Observatory, Edinburgh is unique among UK scientific establishments in that it houses on a single site a university astronomy research group, an establishment of a UK Research Council and a Visitor Centre.

More information about the site and its history is available through the links in the "ROE Information" menu. Information specific to the individual establishments can be accessed via the "ROE" menu on the left or through the links for the individual establishment in the boxes below.

United Kingdom Astronomy Technology CentreThe United Kingdom Astronomy Technology Centre (UK ATC) - The UK ATC is a major establishment of the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC).
A video overview can be found at the following link: 电脑上搭梯子 [mp4/54 MB]
Institute for AstronomyThe Institute for Astronomy (IfA) - part of the University of Edinburgh. The IfA undertakes astronomical research and teaching.
Visitor Centre & Public InformationThe ROE 电脑上搭梯子 - part of the UK ATC.
电脑上搭梯子Higgs Centre for Innovation - a business incubation centre and specialist laboraties at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh.
Blackford AnalysisBlackford Analysis - developing cutting edge algorithmic solutions to problems requiring real-time analysis of datasets.
ROE TrustROE Trust - to protect and showcase the heritage of the Observatory, and to develop projects connected with public interest in Astronomy.

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